A meeting point for documentary filmmaker and other documentary activist will be set together as part of the festival. In the meeting point all part of the Indonesian documentary scheme will be facilitated. This program intended to become a platform to make a common strategy to face the future of Indonesian documentary film.

1.    Filmmaker Convention

Planned to be a moment for the filmmakers as a chance to discuss and share common problems among Indonesian documentary filmmakers. This 2 days event will be held as a part of the festival around the venues.

2.    Studium Generale by International Guests

Every international guests invited will have a chance to share their experience with the festival audience. The studium generale will be held 5 times or accordingly in consideration of the guest availability. It will be take form as an open discussion in front of a wide audience.

3.    Guest meet guest

It is a place where guests can meet informally in a relax atmosphere. Light interviews or private chat and small forum will be the most possible form of this program.

Our Friends

  • Festival Film Solo
  • Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival