SchoolDOC afterschool program is a program that aims to give a new discourse to the students to understand more about the documentary film, both in terms of genre, as well as the contents of the documentary itself. More broadly, the program also aims to provide media awareness to the students.

A lot of incident and phenomenon had occurred on the relation between society and audio-visual media. One of the basic problems which had to be quickly solved together is about juvenile school age audio visual media education and teaching. A lost aspect of media education or media intellectual level is widely effecting the future development of present society. Realizing the idea, the program projected to be a standpoint for increasing appreciation ability in the end it will strengthen the youth and student generation media intellectual level against global media aggression.

The program activities will consist of documentary film screening for kids and students (Elementary school and Junior High School), cinema literacy and critics’ workshop for Senior High School and College student, Student Communal Juries (Senior High School), Documentary critic competition for Senior High School Student.

Our Friends

  • Festival Film Solo
  • Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival