Masterclass program held as an event for Indonesian documentary filmmakers to increase their knowledge and awareness of the different approaches they could use in their filmmaking. The goal is to intensify Indonesian documentary filmmakers’ proficiency and extend scale issues of non-fiction.   The program will run as a forum that consist of young documentary filmmakers and a group of international documentary experts/filmmakers to meet, discussing and sharing each other about the development of documentary film nowadays. Hopefully this forum will encourage the filmmakers to improve their way of making documentary film and in the end opening the way to make a firm structure of Indonesian documentary film scene.

Goal :
1.    Strengthen the Motivation of Indonesian Documentary Filmmaker.
2.    Intensify Documentary Filmmakers’ Proficiency.
3.    Establishing the Culture of Documenting.
4.    Build Potential Connectivity and Relationship between Participants and the Experts.
5.    Social Awareness.

Previous Festival Speakers
Mark Achbar (Canada), Peter Wintonick (Canada), Michael Sheridan (USA), Anand Patwardhan (India), Curtis Levy (Australia), Leonard Retel Helmrich (Dutch), Petr Lom (Czech), Ditsi Carolino (Philippine), Mariana Yarovskaya (USA)

Our Friends

  • Festival Film Solo
  • Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival