Komunitas Dokumenter is a working group actively moves in documentary film area. Komunitas Dokumenter created by young people with spirit of togetherness and mutual assistance for documentary film appreciation, production, archive, research and socialization. Founded in 2001 Komunitas Dokumenter has a main goal to develop infrastructures in documentary film, with the programs are: human resource development, centre of data and information, socialization and networking, education and training, and annual film festival.

“recording the remnants, searching for the unseen, finding insight”

Vision: Push the progressiveness of documentary film as an art space, information, and science to develop the society movement on the environment, the life, and the culture.

Mission: Self formed as an open community for documentary film appreciation, production, documentation, research and socialization activities.

Indonesian documentary film infrastructure development programs comprise of:
•    Human resource development, Komunitas Dokumenter self places as a facilitator for collective learning and knowledge dissemination activities, not only for artists or documentary film creator film generally, but also for all level of the society.
•    Centre of data and information, as in form of Indonesian Documentary Film information centre, providing resource both for academic and practical level.
•    Socialization and networking, Komunitas Dokumenter work to spread documentary film as an art, information and science spaces to the public society in various ways.
•    Education and training.
•   Documentary Film Festival. As one of our strategy to promote documentary film as an important media, we attempt to put up the existence of the Documentary Film Festival as the premiere festival specialized in documentary film in Indonesia.

After New Order regime came to an end in 1998, the documentary film has taken a role as medium expressing people thoughts and freedom of expression throughout the country. Because of the shortage of the documentary film foundation and the lack of the reverence and education principally the inadequacy of the appreciation media, the progress of documentary films in Indonesia is limited. Komunitas Dokumenter is committed to promote the documentary film usage as an important expression media and learning tool for the whole society which emphasize on media literacy and revitalizing Indonesian media culture tradition.

N. Nuranto
Herlambang Yudhodarmo
Ons Untoro
Gunawan Budi Susilo
Paramitha Hapsari

Daily Organization:
Committee Chairwoman    : D.S. Nugraheni
Program Manager                : Kurnia Yudha Fitranto
Program Manager               : Abraham Mudito
Archive Coordinator           : Alia Damaihati
Festival Manager                 : Suryo Adhy Wibowo

The daily organization has a role to maintaining and coordinating administrative works in the Komunitas Dokumenter office. In a communal way each person is responsible in the course of their skills to manage and carry out the task that keeps the organization running. As a non-profit organization, each staff is sustained by organization projects that run all year round.

Komunitas Dokumenter relies heavily on volunteerism in all of activity. Located in Yogyakarta, the largest student city in Indonesia, the universities, schools and colleges that scattered all around the city has provide reliable source of volunteers and human resources support. Eventually, a mutual relationship is constructed between the organization and the volunteers throughout years of program and festivals. We provide series of programs made and planned by volunteers dedicated to share knowledge, skill development, meet others, make contacts for possible employment, have fun, and a variety of other reasons that could be considered self-serving.
The biggest volunteer’s activity is the annual documentary film festival which regularly has become the main entrance for volunteering in the organization for other programs. Komunitas Dokumenter is also encouraged and supports the volunteers who wish to make their own program related to the organization mission and their personal interest. In other means most of Komunitas Dokumenter programs is volunteers driven and organized in a communal spirit.
Volunteer groups are often groups of peers that respond more to leadership than management. Opportunities are available to lead by persuasion, show innovation, and share ideas and values. Volunteer settings allow learning strategic thinking and conflict resolution skills. They  will able to learn about the organization objectives, about trends and concerns, about people and about resources, all of which can help to develop their leadership potential.

Our Friends

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